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Your Graduation is a momentous event in life. It's your one chance to look back at this specific moment in time, and say  "Remember when I graduated, how splendid I looked in my cap and gown"

As professional portrait photographers, we specialise in all studio photography including, professional graduation photos. We are your local photographers working from a high street family photo studio. Our portrait studio has over 30 years of professional graduation photography experience creating cap & gown photos. Our graduation photo shoot experience compliments wonderfully with our family portrait photo-shoots. We also photograph any kind of award or achievement portrait, have a look at our headshot portraits.

We will capture the best cap and gown pics for your walls, so that in the years ahead you will be proud of your graduation portraits, and as the years go by it will become more of a pleasure to look at your graduation images fondly and with great memories.

Time doesn't stand still unless captured in a Professional Portrait.


Watch the video above to learn more about how Dean McDonald Photography can tell the story of your Graduation, High School Prom, Award Day or Retirement Event.


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About Dean McDonald

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Hi, my name is Dean, and I am a professional family portrait photographer based in Bamber Bridge, Preston, Lancashire.I’ve been taking pictures for well over 30 years now. I grew up in a family where my fathers and grandfathers hobby was photography and I remember my grandfather used the bath to develop his photographs, I also remember the grief my grandmother gave him over the stains he left in the enamel from the process. I was fortunate enough to inherit their love for the photographic image, and thanks to them my passion for photography began as a 10 year old boy.The times and the techniques have changed over the years but the end results are the same. The requirements of today’s clients have changed, but in the end the result is the same, a perfectly printed image capturing a single moment in time. My profession is the best profession in the world, I get to FREEZE TIME!. I capture forever memories you’ll be proud to hang on your walls for years to come. The quality of my work will literally last a lifetime, I guarantee it.

                              *MY 100% QUALITY GUARANTEE*

I am that sure of the quality and longevity of my work that I can make this promise "If any image ever becomes defective, I will fix it or replace it for free and with absolutely no cost to you".



Capturing the story of your Family, frame by frame.

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